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Asphalt Maintenance


Asphalt maintenance services can include but are not limited to pavement restoration, seal coating, line striping and crack sealing. F&F Paving is a local leader in asphalt maintenance for both homeowners and business alike. Our estimators will assess the existing conditions of your driveway or parking lot and give you the best, most cost effective solution to your pavement needs. We work with a team of local, reputable contractors to give you the end result you need.

Asphalt Restoration
Asphalt Restoration
Asphalt restoration can include milling deteriorated areas and replacing the worn asphalt with new hot mix material creating a patch where the deterioration existed. The patch is then sealed with hot tar to prevent water from penetrating the seam between materials. This is mostly done in larger commercial applications due to the amount of material need to make it cost effective. The professionals at F&F will inspect the existing asphalt in person and will be able to make a determination onsite on a case by case basis.

Asphalt Seal Coating
Seal Coating
Seal coating is a process which can benefit homeowners and businesses alike. The application of an epoxy based sealer fills the small voids and cracks in the surface of the asphalt. This in turn prevents water from penetrating and creating larger cracks which can lead to pavement failure. Seal coating also freshens up the look and appeal of your driveway making it look like the day you originally paved. The sealer is typically sprayed on in two coats giving a uniform finish with little to no inconsistencies.

Asphalt Crack Sealing
Crack Sealing
Crack sealing can be done in conjunction with either of the above processes. It’s inevitable that cracks are going to develop in any asphalt application over time. However the process can be slow and the life of any driveway or parking lot can be extended by sealing those cracks before they become too larger. A hot rubberized tar is applied at a high temperature which allows the material to liquefy and penetrate the crack. The tar cools and hardens protecting the areas from further water entering. Once the cracks are sealed, the areas can then be easily sealed over creating just another layer of protection and extending the life of your asphalt.

Line Striping

Line Striping services are just another way to freshen up your parking lot without the cost of fully replacing it. New lines will help your patrons and customers navigate you business freely and without question. A new line striping pattern can also help maximize the efficiency of your parking lot. If you’re current lot is tight on space, F&F can assess the current parking dimensions and see if there is room for more.


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